Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reno Air Races - Day 4

The 'cool-down' period imposed yesterday on the racers had a positive effect. Racers kept better separation and altitude.

Speeds were high- some new circuit speeds were set.

Engine problems were prevalent - in one biplane heat of 8 aircraft 3 had to retire from the race before the end. The 'Relentless' aircraft a super sport category, had to pull up just before the finish line with engine problems. Because of the new rule of anything goes he had installed and injection system which might have caused the engine failure. He carried out a successfl dead stick landing.

Crowds swelled today with long lineups to buy tickets for pit access.

The most thrilling of the races is still the roar and over 400 mph speeds of the unlimited class.

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D Hofmann said...

It was the 2nd-place "Relentless" NXT aircraft that pulled up at the end of the race. "Nemesis" won the Super Sport heat.