Monday, February 25, 2008

UL Instructors Course

Dear Participants:

We are fortunate to have for our use the facilities of the Ontario Fun Fliers (OFF) for our course.
They are located on the south side of Kingston airport.

As you drive up to the Kingston Flying Club, (KFC) past the mounted yellow Harvard airplane, the OFF building is straight ahead and the KFC is to the right. We are in the OFF building.

I plan to start about 9am.

In case I am delayed ( I will be starting out from Montreal on Saturday morning), I may be reached on my cell phone 514-946-2364 should you be uncertain of my whereabouts.

For lunch we will go to a local restaurant.

Please bring note paper and the Instructors Guide as a reference.

Looking forward to doing this course with you.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

UL Instructors Course is ON.

It is on!

The UL Instructors course will be held on the weekend of March 1 and 2 in Kingston. The exact location is still to be announced.

Starting time will be 9:15 am.

Please bring a copy of the Transport Canada Instructors Guide, TP 975, with you for reference. The TC examination is based on the first 60 pages of this manual.

You are invited to bring along your spouse/partner. The class is interactive, so an audience and participants are needed!

A course outline is found on my website under Courses Offered, Instructional Technique, Course Outline. You may wish to print that out to use as a reference during the course.

See you soon.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Instructional Technique Course

For those needing to write the Transport Canada Instructional Techniques examination - as part of a Flight Instructor's exam or for the Ultralight Instructor examination, I will be running a two day course aimed at pilots needing such a course.

Please see my website - - under Courses offered and then Instructional technique to view course content. Participants are required to bring the TC Instructor's Guide to the course.

The course will be held in Montreal on March 1 and 2, from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Exact location to be determined.

Participants must pre-register by sending a cheque for $300 to reach Frank Hofmann no later than February 26.

In the event that there are insufficient numbers the course will be cancelled and cheques returned.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lecture Series

The first lecture of the series was held last Tuesday.
Future dates will be posted on this site.

Please contact Frank if you wish to be informed of future dates and times.

Friday, December 7, 2007

What is Owner Maintenance?

The owner is now totally responsible for managing the maintenance for the aircraft.

What does management mean?
a) Create a repair budget;
b) Prioritize necessary work;
c) Prepare a snag list;
d) Make parts available;
e) Inform yourself about how repair/maintenance for the component is to be done.

You have been taught how to fly. You have likely not had a maintenance course.

Maintenance is a daunting task for the neophyte. Even if you do not perform the tasks, you are at least likely interested that it be done properly. That judgement requires a level of knowledge. How are you going about acquiring that knowledge and skill?

Kitplanes September 2006 –Homebuilts – How safe are they? – Of the accidents not related to pilot error, 12.4% of accidents are builder/maintainer related with another 18% fuel/engine related.

Of the systems affected by the builder/maintainer, a good 2/3 rds of the accidents are Fuel system/engine and accessories related.

Builder error accidents are 1/3 installation errors, 1/3 design changes, and 1/3 workmanship and adjustment errors.

Of the types of errors committed, almost 50% is workmanship, 25% inadequate inspection, and 40% installation.

Are you reporting engine problems to the manufacturer so that they can issue SDRs?

What are you doing to inform yourself about maintenance issues? Do you encourage others to inspect your aircraft? Group inspections? Pooling tools?

A good source of what to do, and how to do it, can be found in various books, including Annex A.

Free journals such as AMT, Aircraft Maintenance Technology give you news about practices, tools, regulations.

Get your type club to arrange for maintenance seminars.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lecture Series

The date of the first lecture in this series is on Tuesday December 11, as advertised.
I misspoke about it being on Thursday. I had forgotten that I have a previous engagement for Thursday.

Although my intent was to hold these lectures on Thursdays, this first one will be on Tuesday the 11th, at Laurentide, 7pm, as advertised on this blog and on the handout.

If you plan to attend, please send me an email so that I can easily communicate with everyone participating.

Hope to see you there.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Aviation Lecture Series

  • Lecture Series

    A series of seminars is planned which are aimed at pilots and/or aircraft owners and potential owners. They are designed to de-mystify and to add depth to the training curriculum followed by student pilots and those generally interested in aviation matters.

    The duration of each session is planned for 3 hours.
    The location of the lectures will be at Laurentide Aviation’s classroom and hangars.
    The time will be evenings 7-10 pm or alternatively on weekends 10 am – 1pm
    Starting date is December 11. Future dates to be published.
    Cost is $25.00 / session

    Please e-mail Frank Hofmann at with your contact information if you intend to participate. Visit for a course outline of some of these seminars.

    Planned seminars are:

    1) To Buy/own your own airplane. Choices of type, costs, operations
    2) Owner Responsibilities regarding maintenance.
    3) Owner Performed Maintenance. CARs 625 App. A. Portions are hands-on.
    4) The Annual Inspection. Hands-on
    5) Equipage. Modern Requirements and Equipment. ELT, ADS-B, Autopilot, Engine monitor, Ballistic Parachute, Transponder, Collision Avoidance.
    6) Airplane Design. The steps in designing an airplane.
    7) Making your own short and long-range weather forecasts for flying and holidays. Applied Meteorology.

    Frank Hofmann