Friday, December 7, 2007

What is Owner Maintenance?

The owner is now totally responsible for managing the maintenance for the aircraft.

What does management mean?
a) Create a repair budget;
b) Prioritize necessary work;
c) Prepare a snag list;
d) Make parts available;
e) Inform yourself about how repair/maintenance for the component is to be done.

You have been taught how to fly. You have likely not had a maintenance course.

Maintenance is a daunting task for the neophyte. Even if you do not perform the tasks, you are at least likely interested that it be done properly. That judgement requires a level of knowledge. How are you going about acquiring that knowledge and skill?

Kitplanes September 2006 –Homebuilts – How safe are they? – Of the accidents not related to pilot error, 12.4% of accidents are builder/maintainer related with another 18% fuel/engine related.

Of the systems affected by the builder/maintainer, a good 2/3 rds of the accidents are Fuel system/engine and accessories related.

Builder error accidents are 1/3 installation errors, 1/3 design changes, and 1/3 workmanship and adjustment errors.

Of the types of errors committed, almost 50% is workmanship, 25% inadequate inspection, and 40% installation.

Are you reporting engine problems to the manufacturer so that they can issue SDRs?

What are you doing to inform yourself about maintenance issues? Do you encourage others to inspect your aircraft? Group inspections? Pooling tools?

A good source of what to do, and how to do it, can be found in various books, including Annex A.

Free journals such as AMT, Aircraft Maintenance Technology give you news about practices, tools, regulations.

Get your type club to arrange for maintenance seminars.

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