Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Aviation Lecture Series

  • Lecture Series

    A series of seminars is planned which are aimed at pilots and/or aircraft owners and potential owners. They are designed to de-mystify and to add depth to the training curriculum followed by student pilots and those generally interested in aviation matters.

    The duration of each session is planned for 3 hours.
    The location of the lectures will be at Laurentide Aviation’s classroom and hangars.
    The time will be evenings 7-10 pm or alternatively on weekends 10 am – 1pm
    Starting date is December 11. Future dates to be published.
    Cost is $25.00 / session

    Please e-mail Frank Hofmann at with your contact information if you intend to participate. Visit for a course outline of some of these seminars.

    Planned seminars are:

    1) To Buy/own your own airplane. Choices of type, costs, operations
    2) Owner Responsibilities regarding maintenance.
    3) Owner Performed Maintenance. CARs 625 App. A. Portions are hands-on.
    4) The Annual Inspection. Hands-on
    5) Equipage. Modern Requirements and Equipment. ELT, ADS-B, Autopilot, Engine monitor, Ballistic Parachute, Transponder, Collision Avoidance.
    6) Airplane Design. The steps in designing an airplane.
    7) Making your own short and long-range weather forecasts for flying and holidays. Applied Meteorology.

    Frank Hofmann

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