Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Way forward in India

Dear members of the IndusAv Group:

I sympathize with the aviation enthusiasts in India. And I understand why many would be frustrated with the state of development of General Aviation in India.

However the solution to the problem is in positive action.

If it is true that the DGCA folks in India have little or no understanding of the gamut of GA, from hang gliders on up, then it is no wonder that they are reluctant to take any action. It is therefore incumbent upon the GA group, which is supposedly knowledgeable, to show the way forward.

In a recent post by Sham Kumar a long list of specialized GA activities is mentioned. What a wonderful opportunity for AOPA India, or some other group with depth, to write a series of proposed regulations governing these activities. Coming up with a reasoned and sensible set of operating procedures and standards for each of these groups would go a long way to help the bureaucrats take some initiative. Perhaps if there are enough members, perhaps groups of 2 can tackle one of the activities and develop definitions, training, licensing, operating and maintenance recommendations to propose to the DGCA. Doing so would surely gain respect and likely move the powers that be to take some action.

I speak from experience. About 1995 the Canadian Recreational Aviation Group met with government official. At that meeting we (GA) were accused of not knowing what we wanted. I accepted the challenge and over a 2 month period wrote a paper, entitled “Freedom To Fly”, which outlined the changes required to have Rec Av thrive in Canada. The paper multiplied like rabbits in government circles, and 10 years later Canadians had all the privileges asked for in that paper. The only exception so far is the use of a driver’s licence as the acceptable medical standard.

If you are interested in the details of that paper it is posted on my website

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Frank Hofmann


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see whether GA can grow in India.

Anonymous said...

There are many comments about what is wrong with aviation in many parts of the world, but few constructive suggestions.

Anonymous said...

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